Ivanka Trump Once Again Attacked By Silly Liberals! – She Responded In A Very Classy Way

Ivanka Trump decided to share a precious moment backing with her children on social media, but liberals used it is as fodder to go on a full assault!

One of the liberal loons went so far as to accuse Ivanka of abusing her children in the form of child labor, but Ivanka, class act that she is, didn’t respond to their childish tantrums.

After-school fun making hamentashen for Purim with Arabella and Joseph

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It has been an extremely busy few months for the entire Trump family.

They transitioned from the campaign trail, to celebrating Donald Trump’s victory, to preparing to enter the White House, and then to successfully starting to steer this country back towards greatness.

Since Trump entered office, there has been a lot of publicity and political events taking place. This has made for a likely tiring and stressful few weeks for Ivanka, who helps her father in a number of different ways — and is made to suffer for it, with some nut jobs even calling for boycotts of her clothing and jewelry lines.

This is why she took time off from her business efforts, and likely in part to have some quality time with her kids. As they were celebrating a Jewish holiday, she posted a picture on Instagram with her two children that showed them preparing some baked treats.

Liberals disgracefully took this as an opportunity to attack Ivanka and her children. Even though Obama was one of the worst presidents we’ve ever had, Republicans and the media never stooped so low as to verbally attack his daughters.

Leftists turned this heartwarming moment into a rage-filled attack against the Trump family. Some of the comments people left for this picture would make your stomach turn. How do they think they are going to achieve anything by acting like barbarians?

Unlike as Michelle Obama would have done, Ivanka was classy and did not respond to any of those morons.

She is a loving mother with strong family values. We’re proud to have her helping her father, President Donald Trump, make American great again.

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