Cameras Recorded How Ivanka’s Family Treats Secret Service Agents… People Deserve to Know

Everything that the Trump family does is scrutinized by our callous media. As always, the loyal Democrats writing the stories or talking on TV always go for the negative.

However, a bit of good news was spread on Friday. In order to show their appreciation for the Secret Service men and women who provide them protection, Ivanka, her husband Jared Kushner, and their two children, Arabella and Joseph, hand delivered sweets to their protectors, via IJR.

Photo via Daily Mail US

Such shows of gratitude are surprisingly uncommon in the White House.

Of course, not all families who have resided in the White House have been as gracious and classy as President Trump’s extended family.

Last year, a former Secret Service agent named Gary J. Byrne penned Crisis of Character, a tell-all memoir that exposed just how unsavory the Clinton family really is.

In Mr. Byrne’s book, he recounts how Bill and Hillary constantly fought one another. These back-and-forth battles often inspired heated orders or outright criticisms of their Secret Service details. Byrne claims that Hillary would frequently shout obscenities her bodyguards for even the smallest mistakes.

Tellingly, Byrne’s book not only provides evidence that the Clintons physically abused one another, but that Hillary Clinton was a “volcanic” presence in the White House, via FOX News.

That’s not all, either. Byrne also highlighted the fact that Bill, Hillary, and young Chelsea all referred to the Secret Service agents as “pigs,” via Breitbart.

After the relatively tame years of George W. Bush, the arrival of the Obama family got the bad old days going all over again. From constantly skipping national security briefings to pep rallies wherein Michelle tried to convince her husband to run for president again, all reports seem to indicate that the Obama White House was anything but peaceful.

The fact that Malia Obama was caught on camera smoking weed at Lollapalooza tells you all you need to know about the Obamas. Although Barack pretended to be “furious” with his daughter (via New York Post), that did not stop him from denying his daughter a cushy job as an intern for a major Hollywood studio, via Vanity Fair.

Talk about nepotism!

The more America sees from Ivanka and her family, the more they fall in love with her charm and grace. While conservatives are right to criticize the clout that both Ivanka and Jared have in the White House (both are steadfast liberals with connections to George Soros, Democrat fundraisers, and globalists), it cannot be argued that the Kushners are better behaved than either the Clintons or the Obamas.

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