TRAITOR! John McCain TURNS On Trump, Does THIS to Stop Trump’s Agenda

In 2008, conservatives quickly determined Barack Obama was as far-left as they come. That consternation turned to fury as they saw GOP leaders like John McCain do nothing.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but McCain is at it again. Rex Tillerson, President-Elect Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state, may face an uphill confirmation battle because McCain and other GOP leaders are concerned about his ties with Russia, as per The Hill.

“I and several of my colleagues have concerns about Mr. Tillerson and some of his past activities, specifically his relationship with [Russian President] Vladimir Putin,” McCain said. “I have concerns, but at the same time I’m certain we will give Mr. Tillerson an opportunity to make his case about why he is qualified to be secretary of state.”

The Senate Foreign Relations committee has nine Democrats and ten Republicans, and his confirmation could be blocked if just one Republican on that committee joins the nine Democrats in voting against him. Forget that Tillerson has experience on the world stage as an oil executive, Donald Trump would have to pick someone else if Tillerson meets too much opposition.

Of course, contrast John McCain’s “concerns” with the opinions of some past secretaries of state. Perhaps one of the best ones we have had in recent years just weighed in on the issue.

“He will represent the interests and values of the United States with resolve and commitment,” Condoleezza Rice said, per a Facebook post. “He will lead the exceptional men and women of the State Department with respect and dedication.”

McCain would do well to simply agree with Rice on this because if she had ever shown any interest whatsoever in the Oval Office, it would be hers for the taking. She is extremely qualified and well-respected on both sides of the aisle.

The biggest problem with McCain has always been the fact that he is a career politician who has this seemingly burning desire to play to both sides of the aisle. The man is definitely a RINO, and he is part of the culture that led to Donald Trump’s election in the first place!

Although he does a good job hiding it, the man probably has just as big of an ego as Trump is reputed to have. When Donald Trump said he “likes people that weren’t captured,” that had to be something that stuck in McCain’s craw.

Yes, we have heard the whole “business interests” argument with Tillerson as well. We are all aware that Exxon-Mobil has some ties to Russia, but don’t think for a second that McCain doesn’t have an ulterior motive in this. If Jeb Bush were the president-elect and had nominated this guy, McCain would be playing ball.

The principle for Trump still remains the same—he wants to nominate business people like Tillerson because they have actually done things instead of just talked about them like typical politicians.

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