BREAKING: Journalist Says DITCH U.S. Constitution, Replace With THIS Instead

Over the course of the past ten years, we have heard some REALLY disturbing anti-American propaganda. A journalist made a claim that left us shaking our fists in rage.

Dylan Matthews, who we are assuming resides in a fantasy world where imagination reigns supreme, suggested that we need to abolish the U.S. Senate, according to News Busters. Matthews theory is that we should just do away with the Constitution and go to a parliamentary system. Wow, talk about moronic.

It seems to have slipped Dylan’s mind that we USED to be governed under a parliamentary system. That was before broke free of those chains; when we claimed our independence. The suggestion that we need to ditch everything that we have achieved to this point and go back to the old system we fought to leave is insulting, to say the least.

One of the most troubling parts of this story is his calm about how our current government system is a “nightmare.” He claims the Constitution to be this complicated document that prevents anything from getting done — ever. Someone needs to tell Dylan that his lack of constitutional literacy doesn’t mandate the shredding of the document.

Let’s be realistic here for a second. What Dylan wants is Democrat supremacy. His goal, and more so, the goal of his Party, is to get complete, unquestioned control. This will never happen, of course, but it IS their “end game” so to speak.

There is a general fear among the Left that someone is going to make it into power that isn’t on the same page as they. Coincidently, these statements were made right before President Trump was elected.

We would bet that Dylan is SUPER upset that we didn’t ditch that whole “dumb Constitution” thing in exchange for complete control from a Left-wing hack like Hillary Clinton or a socialist like Bernie Sanders. In the end, the suggestion is uneducated and idiotic.

It only managed to get worse when he was speaking about how his “dream society” would look. Get ready to cringe, because this is AWFUL.

Dylan stated that “The best-case scenario is that we wind up with an elective dictator but retain peaceful transitions of power. This is where I’d place my bet. Pure parliamentary systems, especially unicameral ones.” He went on to say that “I don’t think a full-on evolution into dictatorship is an especially likely outcome.”

Just so we are clear, Dylan thinks that you can give COMPLETE power to someone and just expect them to turn it over without any set times or schedule. Is he insane? This IS the recipe for a dictatorship, but apparently, he doesn’t understand what is going on. If he is so sure that this is the way to go why doesn’t he just move somewhere that already HAS this system.

Our Constitution is our most sacred document. We would NEVER consider abandoning it, especially because an uneducated, constitutionally illiterate journalist thinks that someone he doesn’t like might take power and upset him. We bet he is thrilled with President Trump right about now. HAH!

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