BREAKING: Journalist Investigates Benghazi, Immediately Gets Horrifying “Hillary” Surprise

Reporter Sharyl Attkisson has effectively exposed the depths of Obama-era tyranny. The “left-wing media conspiracy,” once mocked fiercely by Democrats, is clearly true.

The former CBS reporter, who pursued the story of Obama and Hillary’s failure at Benghazi, claims in her new book Stonewalled that her work computer was hacked by an unknown organization using spyware “proprietary to a government agency,” via The Washington Times.

In her book, Attkisson claims that on October 3, 2012 her computer began self-deleting words and entire pages. Attkisson believes this was all because of her reporting on Benghazi — reporting that conflicted with the Obama administration’s narrative that the planned and coordinated attack had actually been an impromptu riot over an obscure YouTube video.

Although Attkisson calls herself “political agnostic,” she’s concluded that CBS and other mainstream outlets colluded in order to promote a left-leaning agenda.

There are two reasons for this: (1) journalists, who are overwhelmingly Democrat, often refuse to write negatively on bills, proposals, or policies they personally support; and (2) networks and companies do not want to offend their corporate sponsors.

“I’ve never seen a tougher clampdown on freedom of the press, and I think it’s important that someone stand and say these things and speak out about them,” Attkisson said.

Stonewalled highlights the reality of this left-wing bias in a chapter highlighting how Attkisson was reprimanded by her boss at CBS for appearing on the “extremely far-right” radio program hosted by Laura Ingraham. Not long after appearing on the show, left-wing outlets like Salon and others began negatively critiquing her journalism.

Since Obama left office in early 2017, the liberal media have promoted the false narrative that Obama ran a “scandal-free” presidency. Attkisson revealed just how big of a lie this truly is. From the treason of Benghazi to the disastrous “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal, Obama’s two terms were, in fact, very scandal-ridden.

The only reason more Americans do not know about these disgraceful practices is because the liberal media WILLINGLY lies on behalf of Democrats.

Thanks to Attkisson, President Donald Trump, and Wikileaks, we are now learning more and more about the duplicity of the mainstream media. More importantly, the recently released leaks of “Vault 7”  fundamentally show that the CIA and FBI, under Obama, spied on American citizens and even thought about hacking into cars in order to carry out “quiet” assassinations.

As for the Russian hacking story so beloved by Democrats, it turns out the possibility of the U.S. government hacking computers and smart devices while maintaining a false identity as Russian hackers exists. Thankfully, Attkisson and others like her are not letting such stories go unheard and buried.

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