WATCH: Judge Jeanine Exposes Sick Liberal Treason, “All Americans Are At Risk”

The latest foolishness emanating from liberal brainwashing didn’t come from some young student. It came from a US Representative!

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), said President Trump has militarized the White House, putting us all at “risk.” Judge Jeanine replied, “Barbara, your kind of crazy puts all Americans at risk.”

Any kind of military action is too much for Lee. She was the only one in Congress who opposed the military action to stop terrorists after 9/11.

If President Trump did so much as open carry in the White House, this Democrat would accuse the president of “militarizing” the White House.

She is the kind of Democrat who doesn’t know anything about the military, guns, policing, or the law, but believes they are all evil, under any circumstances.

Gen. John Kelly, whose appointment to White House Chief of Staff has Rep. Lee so upset, is not evil, nor a war monger. Instead, the man is a loyal Trump supporter who knows how to defeat our enemies.

Judge Jeanine points out that we do face violent threats, like terrorism, and growing threats, like North Korea.

Now is the time to rely on the expertise and discipline of our military leaders– not to demonize them. They do us all a service. They are not the oppressors, as the Left paints them.

Aren’t the radical Leftists calling for a coup, for the military to forcibly pry power from our elected President’s hands? Now that would be a militarization of the White House!

I don’t recall Lee speaking out against that clear threat to the independence of the White House. Neither do I recall her speaking out against the celebrity who threatened to blow up the White House or the man who shot Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA).

There is an extraordinary level of violence taking place in our society, all coming from the liberals. Rep. Lee might decry it if she weren’t such a pitiful hypocrite.

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