BOMBSHELL: FAKE JUDGE That “Struck Down” Trump Travel Ban Caught In MASSIVE Scandal

How far does Barack H. Obama’s shadow government reach? If the latest reports are correct, it spans from Washington, D.C. all the way to Hawaii.

Obama decided to visit his old haunts in Hawaii this week, and then miraculously, in a span of two hours, a judge in his home state, Judge Derrick Watson, was able to put together a 43-page verdict on the president’s travel ban in two hours, via AP.

What are the chances Obama had a chat with this judge before the hearing? What are the chances the judge had his entire ruling written prior to hearing the case?

I am going to go out on a limb and say chances are pretty solid on both points.

Did I mention the judge was actually appointed by Obama in 2012? That’s right… the case was put in the hands of one of Obama’s little puppets, and he did not disappoint Barry at all.

I consider myself a pretty fast typist, but I could not come close to cranking out 43 pages of content, especially legal content, as well as having it proofed, checked, and verified in two hours… and I don’t know anyone else who could accomplish that task. However, after walking off the bench, Judge Watson managed to accomplish that very task!

Obama’s buddy claimed religious bias and basically said the president was lacking common sense by issuing this executive order. He also pointed to how the state’s tourist income would suffer if this ban were in place.

Not to beat a dead horse, but every president going back as far as Jimmy Carter has enacted a travel ban of some sort during their presidency. Obama himself enacted such measures on several occasions, and there was never a peep about it.

Purely for the sake of meeting a political agenda, liberal judges are now disrespecting our president as well as putting the lives of REAL Americans at risk.

Anyone thinking Obama does not have a shadow government in place and is not pulling the strings on judges like Judge Watson are sorely mistaken. His influence is still in play, and We the People are paying the price.

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