ALERT – The TRUTH About Justice Ginsburg’s Health Was Just Revealed, Dems Panicking

Could President Donald Trump have the opportunity to appoint a SECOND Supreme Court justice during his first year in office? Maybe– and the mere possibility has Liberals panicking!

Ruth Bader Ginsurg has had two types of cancer and her age, 83, is suddenly weighing on the minds of all Democrats. If Ginsburg’s advance age, along with the typical limitations having reached such a birthday milestone, cause the Liberal justice to no longer feel up to the task, if she gets sicks, or simply decides it is time to retire– President Trump should have another justice nominee at the ready.

Even George Soros, with all his buckets of cash, cannot turn back the hands of time to help keep the Ruth Bader Ginsburg healthy enough, both physically and mentally, to maintain her duties for many more years. Ginsburg’s daily habits are now being pondered heavily by Liberal activists, a BizPacReview report notes.

“I’m very interested in this,” Pennsylvania Liberal community organizer, Jeanette Bavwidinski, said. “I’m interested in what her daily regimen is. Like, what are you all feeding RBG? Is she getting enough fresh air? Is she walking? Is she staying low-stress? What is she reading? Is she reading low-stress things?”

Poor Ruth, I think she is about to get a ton of unsolicited advice from Liberals who are terrified about her leaving the bench during Trump’s term. Ginsburg’s social media accounts, if she has any, will likely soon be filled with healthy eating suggestions and senior citizen cognitive skill-builders and low-impact exercise tips.

“I kept thinking, you know, I could organize a bunch of gays,” John Hagner, a Washington-based Democrat campaign consultant, said. “I could organize the gays, and we would just make a protective circle around her at all times. We could help her get up and down the stairs. We got this.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the oldest currently serving member of the United States Supreme Court. She has already survived a bout of both pancreatic and colon cancer.

“What I’m mostly concerned about is the cancer,” Hagner continued. “Is she getting her checkups? Do her doctors realize how important it is for her to get her checkups? Do they? The woman is 98 pounds.”

Ginsburg’s doctors are likely well aware of how important checkups are for cancer survivors. The only feasible reason for the justice not to be doctoring regularly is if she is stuck on an Obamacare plan like so many Americans, and simply cannot afford to seek care– but that is highly unlikely.

Feeling the love yet, Ruth? Boxes of organic kale and a protective bubbles to adorn herself with to make sure she never stubs her toe and tips.

Maybe all the worried Liberals should add a cushion to her table. That way, if she falls asleep during long legal deliberations, like she did at the State of the Union address, she wont bonk her head on the hard wood.

Ginsburg is one of only four women to ever be a Supreme Court justice. Perhaps President Trump will fill her seat with a Conservative woman when the time comes.

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