ALERT: Kaepernick’s NASTY Message Just Put Police In DANGER, Please Pray

Some losers refuse to go away. Colin Kaepernick is one of them. The former 49ers quarterback is trying to drag out his 15 minutes of fame for as long as possible.

Now, Kaepernick’s unwanted political statements are endangering honest police officers. In a grossly irresponsible tweet, Kaepernick compared police to antebellum runaway slave patrols, saying the system needs to be “dismantled”.


What an idiotic thing to say! Kaepernick, a rich “professional athlete,” benefits more from the work of police than most ordinary people. In fact, members of his security detail are ex-police. “Hypocrisy” might as well be Colin Kaepernick’s middle name!

The motivation behind the tweet was the recent shooting of a black Minnesota man by a police officer. The man, Philandro Castille, was pulled over by a policeman, Jeronimo Yanez. Castille had a legal conceal-carry gun on him and informed Yanez about it (via FOX News).

Officer Yanez instructed Castille not to pull out the weapon, but Castille disobeyed and reached for the gun. In defense, Yanez fired at the driver, killing him. A jury made up of members of the St. Anthony, Minnesota, community found Yanez not guilty.

At least Black Lives Matter can’t say this was a case of “racism” (since according to them only white people can be racist). Officer Yanez is Hispanic. Nevertheless, imbeciles like Kaepernick always have to find something to get worked up about.

For that reason, the out-of-work football player decided to make the police, in general, his target. In juxtaposing a police badge with a runaway slave patrol badge, Kaepernick is fanning the flames of race and inciting violence against police officers.

Kaepernick’s comparison is just ridiculous. First of all, he’s trying to make people believe there’s still institutionalized racism in our society today. That’s nonsense. The very shooting he’s protesting disproves it since the police officer was Hispanic. Other shootings that have been protested by Black Lives Matter have been by BLACK POLICE OFFICERS!

Also, police are the biggest friends of law-abiding citizens in minority communities. These neighborhoods are often full of criminals who prey on regular people. Without the police there to protect them, innocent men and women would live under violent and oppressive gang rule. Police officers protect black citizens from thieves, thugs, and murderers.

What Leftists like Colin “Take-A-Knee” Kaepernick don’t want to admit is that in practically every one of these police shootings, the person at fault was the one who got shot. They were killed for intimidating the police or not obeying the orders given them by the officers. Often they were even caught in the middle of a violent crime!

If young inner city men would just live as respectful, law-abiding citizens, they wouldn’t be shot. But the progressive leaders of minority communities don’t want to teach personal responsibility. If they did, there’d be no deaths–and then they would have nothing to rail against.

By calling police racist, Kaepernick is inviting ignorant thugs to take action against them. He’s putting lives at risk! This fool needs to be muzzled. And he certainly should NEVER again be given a job playing football.

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