JUST IN: Kathy Griffin Makes Infuriating Announcement – Prepare To Be Outraged

One of the most frustrating things for people involved in the culture war is liberals’ tendency to get away with anything. Heck, they’ve gotten away with murder. Just ask Ted Kennedy…and Hillary Clinton.

Leftist media hack Kathy Griffin has just made an announcement that will upset every real conservative. She took to twitter to gloat over the fact that she’s no longer under federal investigation–she’s been let off the hook after her DISGUSTING depiction of a decapitated President Trump!


Seriously, why is it that liberals are seemingly impervious to any real consequences for their actions? This is why they’re so smug. It doesn’t matter if they lie, cheat, steal, or kill. Being a registered Democrat is a get-out-of-jail-free card!

The Secret Service questioned Griffin and had her under federal investigation following her horrendous stunt, according to Fox News. She took a photo of herself holding a highly-realistic severed Donald Trump head–ISIS style.

Staff at the Secret Service stated that it’s their job to investigate all potential threats to the President’s life. It doesn’t matter that Griffin says it was only a joke. Her actions had to be taken seriously because you never know when a would-be assassin will actually follow through. John Wilkes Booth was an actor, after all.

Now, however, the investigation appears to be over. Apparently, Griffin won’t be facing any charges or legal ramifications for depicting the grizzly murder of the President of the United States.

Can you imagine if Kathy Griffin had made that kind of picture about Barack Obama? She’s be in jail right now! The same day she released the pic, she would have been locked up faster than she could say “CNN is fake news!”

But, then, the media–and Leftists in general–have a huge double standard when it comes to President Trump. He’s being treated worse than any President in history. And why? All Trump is trying to do is help the American people.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly why the Left hates Trump. You see, they’re mad that he’s not doing more to help non-Americans–even though the President’s job description is literally to fight for American citizens, not foreigners. That’s the SICK thing about Democrats. They hate their own country and sell it out to foreign interests.

The Left attacks Trump because he’d rather keep the streets safe for law-abiding Americans than let illegal aliens cross our border at will. They attack him because he’d rather protect us from terrorists than import millions of unvetted “refugees.” The Left hates Trump because he’d rather spend taxpayers’ money helping our vets than sending it to European bureaucrats via the Paris Climate Accord or excessive NATO payments.

They’re going after Trump because he believes in creating jobs here in America instead of in Third World countries. Because Trump is for Americans, he incurs the wrath of the anti-American Left more than any President we’ve ever had.

Honestly, the attacks on Trump are a good sign. It shows he’s the enemy of the globalist establishment. Trump has the support of the people who really matter–hardworking everyday Americans. We love our President!

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