Katy Perry’s Sickening Response to Manchester Bombing Infuriates Millions

Pop singer Katy Perry reveals exactly why we need to stop listening to the political ramblings of half-brained celebrities.

“No barriers, no borders, we all need to just co-exist,” declared Katy Perry offering the same deep wisdom found on bumper stickers attached to Priuses in Berkeley, California.

The pop-singer made the incredibly offensive remarks on the Elvis Duran morning show immediately after the attack in Manchester.

British Police have identified Salman Abedi has the perpetrated of the vile attack on children at the Ariana Grande concert last night in Manchester.

Abedi denoted a homemade nail bomb killing himself and 22 others while wounding many more. Abedi’s family immigrated in England from Libya and the bomber was a devote Muslim.

The remarks offered by Katy Perry are enraging millions as the world is still reeling over the devastating attack. Katy Perry demonstrations a complete lack of sympathy for the British victims.

Instead of mourning the attack, the pop singer expressed concern that the fear of terrorism will undermine her globalist dream of a world government and a border-less society.

Katy Perry solution to the overwhelming terrorist threat is to just let anyone into the country who wants to enter. Of course, Katy Perry herself relies on armed guards and lives in a protected mansion in a gated community. Dealing with the consequences of a borderless society falls squarely on the shoulders of the poor.

Katy Perry simply does not understand that you cannot coexist with people who are hell-bent on destroying your way of life. The wealth we have created for ourselves makes our society the target of the barbarians at the gate, and Katy Perry is calling from her guarded tower to let the hordes in.

Hollywood elitists living in a pompous reality completely separated from the real world should not be turned to for advice during an international tragedy.

How many more children need to die before the Muslim suicide bombers agree to your plan of coexistence?

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