WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Just Revealed What REALLY Happened The Night Hillary LOST to Trump

Kellyanne Conway gave a talk to the National Review, offering a behind-the-scenes look at how the Clinton Campaign behaved right before their staggering defeat.

Kellyanne explains to the crowd her conversation with Hillary’s campaign manager, Robert Mook, where they discussed how the losing candidate would concede. She says that “he says in the event that Mr. Trump wins, Secretary Clinton will call him within 15 minutes of the AP [announcement].” She punctuated this sentence with a wink. (via ABC News)

It is clear from her comments that the Clinton Campaign NEVER expected they would have to concede.

Conway further details the arrogance of the Clinton campaign, recalling when Mook wrote an email to her, telling her that Hillary would wait 15 minutes after the Associated Press announced the results before she would take to the podium to declare herself the winner.

Typically, the winning candidate would wait for the loser’s concession speech. Hillary’s campaign manager did not expect to lose, and he was basically telling the Trump team that they would have 15 minutes to get on stage to admit defeat and concede, or Hillary would go on stage anyway.

Yet when the tables were reversed, and Hillary was resoundingly defeated, she refused to take to the stage and concede. Apparently, she did not even have a concession speech prepared. Hillary waited until the next day to admit defeat.

Instead, Huma Abedin called Kellyanne Conway, so that Hillary could concede via phone, since she was utterly unable to show her face. After that, the newly-elected President Trump took to the podium to graciously accept his victory.

Kellyanne is beaming like a proud mother as she relays the story of what is clearly one of the greatest moments of her life. Her husband took a screen shot of the incoming phone call. “That was really just a remarkable moment.” she says, “I think it was a remarkable moment for any David ever fighting a Goliath.”

It was remarkable not just for the Trump campaign, but for all Americans. After years of establishment politicians controlling Washington D.C. to the determent of everyday Americans, we finally got our David. Someone who is willing and able to stand up against the gargantuan forces that be to fight for ALL of us.

President Trump is that man. He has remained committed to keeping the promises that saw him elected, and he is working day in and out to revive our country and make America great again.

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