BREAKING: Every State Should Do What Kentucky Just Did to Defy Obama

Obama has destroyed this country, this we know. A movement was started to limit the federal government’s strong arm tactics under Obama and now another state has joined us.

On Tuesday, the Convention of States posted, Kentucky House Representative Jim DeCesare and his 3 Co-Sponsors filed and Introduced our Application for a Convention of States as HJR44!”

With Republicans owning the majority in the state, I would imagine the bill will be passed and it is only a matter of time before Kentucky is officially a member of the Convention of States movement.

You really have to ask, would this even be happening if Barack Obama did not try to overreach the feds control?

This has actually become a very hot topic during the elections, with Rubio the latest candidate to publicly support holding a Convention of States.

On Sunday, yet another Congressman came out in favor of the movement from South Carolina.

Congressman Duncan stated, “It is growing more and more evident that the solution to America’s challenges will not come from Washington, but from the people.”

As the end to Obama’s reign gets closer, he is getting more and more out of control, using his executive privilege to put every law HE wants into effect. Hopefully, this movement can stop him and reverse the damage he has done to OUR country.

We are glad to have Kentucky join the movement! Share this story on Facebook so everyone knows how you feel about the Convention of States! Remember, our voice is YOUR voice, so use it!

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