BREAKING: Trump Launches BRILLIANT Way to Kick Illegals Off Welfare

President Trump promised us that we’d no longer have to waste our tax dollars on paying for the welfare of illegal immigrants in our country — and that promise is already starting to be fulfilled!

The welfare system in our country has been abused by illegals for years. However, under Trump’s watchful eye, these illegals are now running scared. Hundreds of illegal immigrants are now going off food stamps, for fear of being deported. (via The Washington Post)

Since welfare programs are now being closely-monitored — moreso than they ever have in the past — illegal immigrants now see them as an extreme risk. Signing up for food stamp benefits such as the SNAP program could easily flag them for deportation.

This situation is a win-win for true American citizens. If the illegal immigrants indulge in food stamps, and abuse the system, there’s a good chance they’ll be deported. If they choose not to take the food stamps, WE no longer have to pay their way!

Even if an American-born child is the chosen recipient for the food stamps, you can be sure that their illegal parents, grandparents, cousins, and whoever else lives with them, are ALSO receiving the benefits — and costing honest taxpayers thousands of dollars per year.

By President Trump taking a strong stance on both illegal immigration AND welfare abuse, he’s already put money back in our pockets.

Clearly the illegal immigrants in our country take President Trump very seriously. This side-effect of their fear of our chosen representative has been the greatest leap forward to reduce welfare abuse in YEARS.

The Washington Post reported Spanish SNAP applications in Maryland have dramatically decreased… and this is just one state! As more states report, I am sure we will see this scenario played over and over again to the delight of both hard-working Americans and President Trump!

Did President Trump have this planned from the start? Did he somehow know this would happen? It’s so brilliant, it’s hard not to imagine he had a direct hand in it. With Dems refusing to cooperate, he found a way to achieve his goal!

It is governing like this that is the exact reason we elected him as our president. This is just pure brilliance and out of the box thinking that will #MAGA!

Whether these illegal immigrants get deported, or simply remove their hands from our pockets, this is nothing but great news for true Americans — and it can only get better from here!

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