WATCH – Tomi Lahren Just DESTROYED Anti-Trump Elitists, Over 1.9 MILLION Watching

Liberals all over the country are calling foul that Trump is banning people from seven countries, with many of the elite saying “let them in.”

“These star-studded elites will take any opportunity and use any award show to demonstrate how much they truly care about the poor, the environment, and, of course, refugees,” Lahren stated, saying it was funny how these people live in guarded communities, yet they are saying refugees should come into this country.

The refugees won’t be the problem of Hollywood — they will the burden and threats to the rest of the American people. They will be living in our towns, and the glamorous life of Hollywood stars will continue as normal.

Our stars believe that these people should be allowed to come into this country, pretending to have a bleeding heart for those who are less fortunate outside of this country. Well, what about those who are less fortunate who actually live in this country?

Do they even care about the homeless, some of whom are veterans, who are trying to make it as long as they can? But sure, bring in more people we have to support. Give us your hungry and your broken as long as it’s not coming out of your paycheck, right?

Refugees have decimated every place they have settled into — just look at Europe. The people are suffering and are opposing their countries’ leaders, who said, “Oh, go ahead and come on in.” Since they have, there has been more attacks, more rapes, and more thefts and abuse.

But American liberals don’t care about that — they couldn’t care less about the people who are not doing well in their own countries because their needs are not as important as those who are Muslim and live in places ruled by ISIS and radical Islam.

Yes, it’s terrible, but many of these people support ISIS! Many are perfectly happy with Sharia Law and its strict, violent ways! They don’t want to run from that — they just want to move to a place where they can have a nicer house and more people to attack.

As much as liberals like to ignore the details, Europe is going down the drain because of refugees and migrants. As much as the Hollywood elite think that the rest of America is as successful as them and rolling in money, we’re not. A lot of us struggle, and bringing in unsustainable numbers of people is not going to make it any better.

Illegals and refugees need to go back where they come from; it’s as simple as that. You can’t just cram people into this country like sardines and expect everything to work out. That’s why we’re seeing increased violence and crime — because they refuse to mix with us, to compromise.

The temporary ban and the wall are going to be in place to protect the American people, so that we don’t end up like Europe. As much as Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, likes to criticize Trump, her people are ready to crucify her because of the refugees she brought into her country. Trump refuses to put Americans at risk, and it’s about time we had a president who cared about our lives.

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