WATCH: Larry the Cable Guy Reads Politically Correct Fairy Tales. I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Larry the Cable Guy strikes again in this hilarious take on politically correct fairy tales.

Larry gives his take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood. He tells it as the “Vertically Challenged Native American Riding Hood.” Larry leaves everyone with their sides aching from laughter. Despite the hilarity featured here, there is an honest message behind it that we all need to be aware of. (via Facebook)

The point of all of this is to show just how far political correctness has come not just in our society, but around the world. We have a personal look at how it affects us every day because we live here. It is disturbing, to say the least, and we need to start putting a stop to it.

Larry’s parody might seem like it is over exaggerated at times, but if you have ever listened to “politically correct” people, you know that he is telling the truth. This was designed so people would open their eyes to how unjust political correctness is.

We are at a fundamental point where political correctness is not just something that people say or do — they are starting to infringe on our rights because of their views.  If you want to be politically correct, you have that right, but others have the right to differ as well.

These people do not have the right to tell us how we should act to appease them. It is as if they think their beliefs are the dogma of politics, and this is insubstantial.

It all loops back around to one common idea. The Democrats believe in freedom only if others around them bend to their will. If one doesn’t have conformity, they are shunned until they commit to the same idea.

We need to stand our ground and we need to help others do the same. The United States has freedom of speech even if others don’t agree, and nobody can become the dictator of our beliefs or what we say.

These individuals are making America seem less free and individual than it actually is. We must stand up for our rights in order to help prove we have morality.

Liberals are acting like fascists in that they believe their ideas trump others. Ironically, they frame Trump of doing the same.

We are happy to report that Larry the Cable guy is standing up to their nonsense, just like us. Join the fight and don’t let political correctness consume our great nation.

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