WATCH: Laura Ingraham Exposes Democrat Spy’s Disgusting Secret – Your Response?

We are watching the Democrats fall apart right in front of our eyes.

In this case, it involves Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her criminal IT buddy, Imran Awan. Awan is caught up in a complicated situation of multiple criminal acts, $300,000 wired to himself in Pakistan, and an attempt to flee the country before getting arrested. According to The Gateway Pundit, Awan is now exposed as a CREEP who regularly follows pedophile-centric YouTube channels. 

The story started when Awan destroyed a series of Democrat-owned hard drives, routers, and laptops in his home. What kind of information was he trying to hide? Perhaps there was something to this pedophile link on there — his Google+ channel sure does a lot of talking for him.

After Awan had destroyed the government property, he fled with his wife to the airport. They were attempting to travel to Pakistan with $12,000 in cash and products on each of them. He previously wired $300,000 to HIMSELF from the U.S.

Since Awan’s arrest this week, Wasserman Schultz terminated his employment. It is important to note that EVERYONE in his family was essentially “blacklisted” from working with the DNC, as Ingraham pointed out. No one is sure why they were cut off, but there must have been a very good reason for the separation. It is all adding up to a case of fraud.

Now, we have these new accusations that Awan was following “pedophile” channels on Youtube. As one YouTuber pointed out, there are channels that parade as “kid friendly,” but are actually hot spots for pedophiles to gather and watch children.

The evidence is in the videos and channels that Awan likes and subscribes to. These channels seem to be masquerading as content for children, but there is something more sinister beneath the surface. It should have been obvious to Awan, since he has children of his own.

These videos are targeted at creeper adults who like looking at little kids. YouTube allows it to happen without taking down the videos. One swift scroll through the comments and the adult comments demonstrate the truth. This is NOT acceptable.

Awan is currently charged with one count of bank fraud. If things keep going this way, he could face charges of pedophilia, adding to his list of disgusting behavior. The investigation will expose the truth.

We are experiencing the disturbing behavior of the Democrats and the people that they employ. There is no denying the facts and evidence of this deeply troubling report.

Do YOU think that Awan was participating in the viewing of pedophile-targeted videos? Share this story and let us know because we want to hear YOUR voice!

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