WATCH: Liberal Mayor Attacks Trump, Immediately Gets Humiliated On National TV

The Democrat party was severely damaged in the 2016 election and is barely hanging together – only united by their singular hatred of Donald Trump.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges delivered the official “state of the city” speech required by law in a mosque, violating the separation of church and state. She spent the majority of the speech bashing President Trump. Fox News reporter Pete Hegsweth then confronted the hypocritical mayor, who immediately scurried away.

Mayor Hodges defied all logic and praised the Muslim faith while speaking at a mosque only one day after the Manchester Arena bombing.

When asked why she thought it was appropriate to deliver the speech in a mosque, Hodges said, “The Muslim community needs a lot of support right now.”

Hodges, like many liberals, is reaching out to the Islamic community, who also lost one of their own in the Manchester bombing; a poor young man who died shortly after detonating a nail bomb.

All kidding aside, the Minneapolis mayor displays a horrific ignorance to the threat that Islam poses to our society. In the aftermath of a brutal terror attack. this mayor’s priority is to help Muslims feel safe.

“One community should not be held responsible for the reprehensible acts of a few members of that community,” explained Hodges. However, it is unlikely that Mayor Hodges would share this sentiment if a “right-wing terrorist” was behind a similar attack.

Mayor Hodges is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the Left. Liberals are united only by their hatred of Western values and Christianity. They are nihilistic and have no guiding principles. Separation of church and state and guilt by associations are trotted out when convenient to their narrative, and discarded when their usefulness has worn out.

Liberals are desperately hoping that the world quickly forgets the Manchester bombing. They are concerned that the reality of terrorism may block their plans to immigrate hordes of Muslim refugees.

If the mayor truly cared about her community, she would have used the speech to condemn the Manchester bombing and call out radical Islam. However, Hodges was too concerned about offending any terrorists who might be in the crowd.

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