WATCH: Liberal Muslim Tries to Destroy Ben Carson… Gets Humiliated Instead

At a Town Hall Meeting in Staten Island Monday night, Hesham El-Meligy (Chairman of the Staten Island Libertarian Party) challenged Ben Carson on his stance regarding not supporting a Muslim President. Dr. Ben Carson did NOT back down.

Upon being asked to reconcile his stance, Carson stated, “That’s very easy to reconcile, actually. If you go back to what I said, I said I would not want a Muslim who accepted all the precepts of Islam, including Sharia.”

The audience erupted in applause and Dr. Carson received a standing ovation.

The comments to which Hesham referred to were made during an appearance at the National Press Club in October of 2015, according to an story published after that meeting. While Carson was very specific about his opinions on Muslims, Hesham chose to misrepresent what he said and try to embarrass Carson in a public setting. It obviously backfired…

I find it amazing we have people in this country that would actually support a Muslim running for the office of the President of the United States.

Don’t we have enough problems already without considering someone with a belief system that supports beheading and flogging?

We have soldiers dying at the hands of radical Muslims and this moron wants to defend a Muslim getting his hands on the White House! It’s a shame Hesham wasn’t alive in the late 1930s. He probably would have led a movement allowing Nazi’s to run for President!

Great job in knocking this guy back down to size Ben!

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