HAHA! Liberals’ Reaction to Trump’s LANDSLIDE Win is PRICELESS

Liberals are not dealing well with Donald Trump’s presidential victory. Hillary Clinton supporters crying in the streets is shocking to the folks in flyover country who banded together to elect a president. Reportedly, Clinton supporters are experiencing mass panic and mental health emergencies.

Suicide prevention hotlines have been flooded with phone calls since Donald Trump was named the president-elect. Crisis hotlines haven’t fielded this many calls since after 9/11, Delaware Online reports.

“We used to think that talking about it always made it better, but after 9/11 we learned that constant re-exposure can be problematic,” said Mariann Kenville-Moore, the director of advocacy for the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence, when referencing the drastic uptick in phone calls and website traffic since the presidential nominees were named in June.

Hillary Clinton supporters waited for hours to see their candidate at what was supposed to be her victory party. They cried beneath the glass ceiling looming above their heads when they learned Trump had won and the Democrat was not going to show up to speak to them.

“I brought my 12-year-old daughter here to witness history,” Sarah Alexander said as she and her crying daughter, Natalie, walked out of the Javits Center. “Not sure that’s going to happen.”

Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta, told the crowd to go home and get some rest. He added that every vote counts, and they were not all in yet. Podesta then said Clinton would not be speaking publicly until later in the morning.

About 20 minutes after Podesta had cleared the crowed, Hillary called Trump to conceded the election. The phone call lasted about one minute, and then the president-elect took the stage to thank America for the win.

Thousands of Hillary supporters huddled outside of the event venue had their own block party as the results rolled in. They quieted after Donald Trump won Florida and grew eerily silent after Pennsylvania turned red.

There was no safe space for the liberals to run to in order to hide from the new reality. One Hillary supporter inside the event hall said what was supposed to be a victory party suddenly took on the atmosphere of a morgue, the Daily Mail reports.

“It’s over!” one Hillary supporter yelled at a man trying to sell all of his “First Female President” T-shirts.

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