BOOM!! Liberals Are Openly Weeping Over Ted Cruz’s New Law, Trump LOVES It

Although Ted Cruz and Donald Trump engaged in a hostile primary battle, they have put that all behind them. Trump is now the President-Elect, and he is working with Cruz to come up with a new law that will make Liberals weep every bit as much as they did when Trump was elected!

Ted Cruz is working with the incoming president in order to end the sanctuary cities that are spread throughout the country. Truly, a unified Republican party is every liberal’s worst nightmare.

Both of these men realize that the first line of defense in our country is a secure border. Ted Cruz is going to be an important asset to Donald Trump as he seeks to keep his promise of a safer country with a secure southern border.

“Americans are tired of seeing their laws flouted and their communities plagued by the horrible crime that typically accompanies illegal immigration,” Ted Cruz was previously said. “But for too long the pleas of the American people on this issue have gone unheeded here in Washington.”

If Ted Cruz’s tweet is any indication, the two former political rivals had a fruitful, productive meeting as they seek to end the plague of illegal immigration in our country. Cruz is a man of strong principles, indeed.

“It’s time to put up or shut up,” Cruz said after the meeting. Considering that there are now GOP majorities in every department, he realizes there is no time like the present in order to affect the change this country needs. There is no question something must be done about the host of problems that illegal immigration brings to our country.

For one thing, Cruz is tired of all of the empty promises from those on both sides of the aisle regarding this issue. He knows that the one major excuse of being “in the minority” is gone now.

At this point, its hard to say what role (if any) Ted Cruz will have in the administration, but its definitely good to see that he is willing to help the incoming administration. “I’m eager to work with the new president in whatever capacity I can have the greatest impact defending the principles that I was elected to defend,” Cruz told the press.

Either way, one thing is for certain: the showdown between President Trump and these sanctuary cities is going to come to pass. They might talk a lot of bluster now, but how are they going to react when President Trump and Ted Cruz decide to cut off their funding? I bet they will be singing a different tune after that.

If anything is refreshing about this new administration it is the heartening fact that they are committed to keeping our country first. We will definitely be cheering President Trump, Mr. Cruz, and everyone else involved on from the sidelines!

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