NASTY: Look What Bill Nye Is Getting For His Sexual Children’s Show

Liberal Hollywood isn’t even trying to hid their bias anymore. They just push out propaganda.

Former child show host Bill Nye has been nominated for an Emmy for his new Netflix series. The episode on the “Sexual Spectrum,” has been nominated for the Emmy for outstanding writing. (via The Daily Caller)

The show which is arrogantly titled “Bill Nye Saves the World” is a twist on the children’s show that was Bill Nye’s claim to fame. However, instead of teaching science it is an hour of solid liberal propaganda.

This is the same episode that featured the rap song “My Sex Junk” that was widely circulated and mocked on social media. The episode was dedicated to praising sexual deviance.

Rachel Bloom performed the rap that was written to explain the sexual spectrum. It praises drag queens, transgender sex, gay sex, and anything else that is not considered “normal.”

“Sexuality’s a spectrum, everyone is on it. Even you might like it if you sit up on it,” sings Rachel Bloom while Bill Nye dances awkwardly off-stage. “Drag king, drag queen just do what feels right,” She adds encouragingly.

The entire song is dedicated to explaining that sexuality is a choice, and that you should choose anything but a monogamous heterosexual relationship.

Netflix posted a video of the song onto the social media website YouTube to massive condemnation. Even liberals insulted the song for horrible lyrics, awkward dancing, and a boring chorus.

The fact that the episode featuring this awful song was nominated for an Emmy is very revealing. Hollywood does not care about the quality of writing. “Bill Nye Saves the World” was nominated because it parrots back liberal talking points.

The show is supposed to reveal the science behind important political topics, but it is completely devoid of educational value. A video nominated for an Emmy pushed the unscientific claim that there is an unlimited number of genders.

Bill Nye’s new show is even worse because of his reputation as an educator of children.

Young people would be incredibly confused if they click on the “science guy” they watch in class to hear him screaming about his “sex junk.”

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