SHOCK: Look Who Just Betrayed Hannity, Will You Boycott Them?

You have likely heard about the controversy surrounding Sean Hannity. He is in the process of trying to expose the Seth Rich story, and the liberal media is NOT happy.

We discovered via The Gateway Pundit that the USAA is pulling their advertising contract with Hannity. We are frankly shocked that the USAA, a company that helps out the active military with financial services, would remove their advertising over liberal propaganda. Now we can see firsthand what Sean was talking about when he brought up the media censoring him.

You might be wondering who exactly is responsible for the trouble Hannity is facing at this time. It all stems from a left-wing propaganda machine called Media Matters.  A document from one of their insider meetings reveals that they want to take out ANYONE with a right-leaning ideology.

Media Matters is upset with Sean because he is trying to expose a conspiracy masked around the death of Seth Rich and the DNC. It seems awfully suspicious that a leftist group is trying to shut him down! If they were innocent, you would think that their goal would be to PROVE to the world that they did not commit such a horrible crime.

Instead of coming forward, they are trying to shut everyone down who suggests this idea. The corrupt Media Matters group released a page talking about how Sean is a “professional propagandist” for Donald Trump. How is questioning a murder unrelated to Trump in any way carrying water for the Right?

Media Matters released a link on their Twitter page detailing all of Hannity’s advertisers. They encouraged people to go there, contact the sponsors, and intimidate them into dropping Hannity. DO NOT let them get the best of Sean.

We need to do everything in our power to make sure that Sean stays on the air and get his right to speak about what is on his mind. The PATRIOTS of this country need to contact these same advertisers.

A message needs to be passed along that says something along the lines of, “You are not a coward, right? Do not bend under pressure from the liberals. They WANT to break you.”

If there is a chance to save Hannity, it is going to come from us, the patriots. The Left wants to take him out at any cost, and we cannot bear to see another great voice of our country get silenced. Liberals want to put their agenda on the rest of us, and we are not going to have it.

If we have to go to these companies personally, we will do whatever we can to keep them advertising with Sean. Media Matters also mentioned Sean claiming that the Russian hack stories are “fake news.” The fact is, every story about this Russia hacking has fallen to pieces, which WOULD make it false.

Liberals successfully got O’Reilly ousted from Fox News. We CAN’T let that happen to Sean. Do you support him one-hundred percent? Let America know!

We need to start standing up for what is right NOW! Let Sean know that we are aware of his situation and that we are doing our part to help.

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