BREAKING: Major Shoe Company Takes Shot At Trump In Ad – Time For Boycott?

When are these companies going to learn that attacking President Trump is bad for business?

Sneaker giant Reebok has decided to step into the political arena in a recent tweet attacking President Trump. The tweet had an info-graphic attached criticizing President Trump for complimenting French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife Brigitte. (via Twitter)

While greeting the new French President, President Trump complimented his wife, saying, “you’re in such good shape…beautiful.” Sending thousands of liberals into a tizzy.

This is understandable since most liberals have never received a compliment in their life. They do not believe in traditional beauty standards as can be seen simply by walking by any left wing protest.

Reebok, an athletic shoe company who makes their money off of encouraging people to stay in shape, apparently has a problem with someone complimenting a women on their figure.

This is an incredibly hypocritical stance. Reebok advertisements are full of scantily clad women who are in great shape advertising gaudy sneakers on the basis of their sex appeal. Apparently, they draw the line at compliments but not soft-core porn.

In their tweet, Reebok included a snarky picture explaining when it is appropriate to compliment on someone’s shape. According to the sneaker company it is never acceptable to tell a women she is beautiful.

The only occasion, according to Reebok, when it is acceptable to say, “you’re in such good shape…beautiful,” is after discovering a “forgotten action figure from your youth, unscathed after decades, in your parents’ basement.”

Clearly Reebok is attempting to capture the liberal marketplace, and they know their audience well. The tweet was condescending, shamed traditional beauty standards, and appealed to people who spend the majority of their time living in their parents basements.

Only a liberal would think complimenting anyone on their appearance would be a bad thing. Most people would simply accept the compliment – from the leader of the free world no less – and go about their day. Brigitte appears to have been happy to receive the compliment.

Yet liberals have no problem speaking on behalf of women. If Brigitte is not offended than liberals will be offended for her.

Why can’t Reebok stick to making shoes and stay out of politics?

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