WATCH: Man Saves Woman From Carjacking, Media REFUSES to Report It For 1 Reason

Not many people would help someone in need nowadays, but one man did, and he saved three people during an attack. The media are silent, however, and the reason why is sick!

The media are giving this story only minimal coverage because this hero is a concealed carrier, and this does not help the anti-gun rhetoric they preach to the American people, via WND.

This attack occurred in Shawnee, Kansas. Two aspiring carjackers attacked a woman by trying to bludgeon her on the back of her head while she was putting her young child into the safety car seat.

Obviously, this made people very angry, and many tried to step in. One shopper who was witnessing the attack, Wendy Russell Macrorie, was able to film the aftermath of the assault on her cellphone. She is visibly shaking while filming!

Police told local news sites that, as the two thugs attacked the woman, another man, who did NOT have a weapon, tried to step in and ended up being shot several times.

That was when another good Samaritan, after seeing what was taking place, stepped out of his car, pulled out his weapon and fired upon the attackers. He was successful in killing one of them, by the name of John W. Simmons III, 28. Sadly, the other man escaped, and the police are still trying to locate him.

The female victim has been released from the hospital, but the shot good Samaritan is still being treated for his wounds. He was reportedly in critical condition on Monday, but hopefully he will make a full and complete recovery.

Major Dan Tennis, a representative for the Shawnee Police Department, stated, “You know our hearts and prayers go out to both of them for a speedy recovery. I know we have many people out right now, many teams of officers and detectives. We had to make contact with the family of Good Samaritan No. 1 to get them to the hospital to be with him, but apparently Good Samaritan No. 1 is able to talk.”

It is unfortunate that the first good Samaritan was injured, but at least he has a chance to survive. One of the criminals cannot say that, because he is going to be buried six feet under for his crimes. This is less than he deserves, but at least he will not be able to hurt anyone else.

Hopefully, the other criminal will be found soon. Not only did he shoot an innocent man, who was merely trying to do the right thing, but he put the lives of a woman and her child in danger.

The media should be reporting on this! This is a story that should be on the air for several days, and the bravery of these two men should be spread across the country, but most people don’t even know this attack took place, thanks to the negligence of the mainstream media.

Photo via Video Screenshot

Photo via Video Screenshot

I know liberals like to try to make the American people believe that guns are bad, but a gun saved this woman and her child from being abducted, killed, and who knows what else. A life was lost but only because of his illicit actions. This is what happens to criminals who cross the wrong person! Just think — if no one had been armed to stop these thugs, MORE lives might have been lost. Thank God for concealed carriers!

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