WATCH: Video Released of Man Slaughtering EMT Mom of 5. Now We Know WHO He Was.

Law and order needs to be restored to our streets. This horrific event would never have happened if the police were allowed to do their job.

Tragedy struck last week when a New York EMT, Yadira Arroyo, was struck and killed by her own ambulance. Bronx resident Jose Gonzalez hijacked the vehicle and ran Arroyo over. The suspected murderer has a lengthy rap sheet and is thought to be a member of the Bloods gang and an alleged illegal immigrant, via NY Daily News.

Jose Gonzalez was well known to police before the event, having been arrested over 30 times in the past.

Police reported that Gonzalez was on drugs when the tragic event transpired. He reportedly jumped onto the back of the ambulance for a joy ride while it was responding to a call. The two EMTs driving the ambulance, Arroyo and her partner, Monique Williams, were forced to stop, and they bravely confronted the man.

Once they were out of the vehicle, Gonzalez apparently pushed through them and hopped into the running ambulance. This is when video footage begins. The ambulance is seen moving in reverse, running over Arroyo. Gonzalez is then seen attempting to escape.

He drives the ambulance away, dragging Arroyo underneath for eight to ten feet, before plowing into a parked car. Citizens and police were able to arrest him, but not before Williams, who can be heard screaming in anguish during the video, was able to land a few kicks on the drugged-up murderer.

A responding firefighter defended Williams, saying, “Makes sense, the guy just ran over her partner. Wouldn’t blame her for wanting to kick his ass,” via NY Post. The suspect has been charged with three counts of murder and grand larceny.

The worst part is that this tragedy should have never occurred in the first place. Gonzalez had been arrested multiple times for the possession and sale of drugs as well as for violent behavior and assaulting a police officer. Why would a man with such a long rap sheet, who is a known gang member, be allowed to walk the streets of New York freely?

Thankfully, President Trump is giving police back the power they need so they can truly do their job. How many more innocent people need to die before local Democrats will be willing to work with Trump to restore law and order?

Yadira Arroyo, 44, was the mother of five children and a 14-year FDNY veteran. Gonzalez, who should have been in jail for the foreseeable future, had the audacity to claim he was innocent of her murder, via NBC New York.

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