BREAKING: Mark Levin Unleashes Hell On Traitorous GOP – Do You Support Him?

Conservative radio host and lawyer, Mark Levin, unleashed a tirade against the seven traitorous Republicans who voted to keep Obamacare.

“THE REPUBLICANS LIED THEIR WAY INTO OFFICE IN WHAT IS THE GREATEST HOAX IN MODERN POLITICS” Levin boldly declared on his nationally syndicated radio show, Conservative Review reported.

Levin regretfully admitted that the Republican party of Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan is long gone. It has morphed into “the party of a progressive movement.”

A true conservative, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul pushed for a “clean repeal” of Obamacare. A separate bill with reforms to the healthcare system would be introduced later. President Trump supported it, as the American voters wanted.

The clean repeal came to a vote in the Senate on Wednesday. The motion ultimately failed to pass, despite Republican control of the Senate and Oval Office.

Seven Republican senators betrayed their party, their constituents, and their very own promises; they voted to keep the failing Affordable Care Act.

Senators: John McCain (AZ), Susan Collins (ME), Shelley Moore-Capito (WV), Dean Heller (NV),  Lisa Murkowski (AK), Lamar Alexander (TN), and Rob Portman (OH) all lied and voted to keep Obamacare.

“This is the day that private health care was killed [in America] and government-run, centralized health care was born,” Levin exclaimed just hours after the clean repeal failed.

Every one of the seven so-called Republican senators campaigned on the promise to repeal Obamacare. These Senators betrayed their voters, their party, and the American people.

Our system will fail to function if politicians cannot be trusted to keep their promises. Elections are the only mechanism to hold elected officials accountable, and many voters have a short memory, or simply vote to keep incumbent candidates.

It’s one thing for a politician to make a promise that’s ultimately hard–or impossible–to keep, but these seven senators lied. They had no intention to repeal Obamacare, despite running on a repeal platform.

The only option is to vote every one of these liars out of office. Draining the swamp starts with draining the traitors hiding in the Republican party.

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