TRUMP WAS RIGHT!! Massive Voter Fraud Plot Discovered…

Trump has been blasted by the media and critics for his suggestion of voter fraud. But there is new evidence that completely supports him.

Federal investigators have started looking into possible voter fraud. Patriot Scott Wheeler was walking along the street when he found a pile of pamphlets in the recycling bin, via

If these pamphlets weren’t delivered to voters, then they wouldn’t be allowed to vote, says the county registrar.

Scott Wheeler also claims that he was recently deactivated as a registered voter over a dispute as to whether or not his permanent voter card was delivered to him.

Granted there is not yet evidence of widespread voter fraud and many such incidents could be described as mistakes rather than a sinister conspiracy.

But, given how close the election will be, as well as Trump’s warnings, voters should be skeptical of every mistake. They should remain vigilant in protecting their rights and the integrity of the election.

We all remember the 2000 election where a relatively small percentage of votes in one Florida area decided the election. It can happen again and go against conservatives.

They need to know this election is very important. And Hillary Clinton is an already known liar. All Americans are urged to be active to ensure the integrity of their own vote as well as the votes of their neighbors.

Voters need to make sure they are registered. They must also be on the lookout for any irregularities. Dead people are voting, party affiliations are being changed, and it is the Dems that are behind it all!

The republic we live in is incredibly important. This election is the most important one in a generation. If the wrong person is elected, our Supreme Court will turn completely liberal and the document this country was founded upon will likely find its way into the shredder.

Don’t let Hillary Clinton and Obama try to steal it from you. We’ve lived through their horrible policies for far too long.

We can’t take another 4 or 8 years of their policies. Please let everybody know they need to vote and keep the election from being stolen.

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