BREAKING: Massive Welfare Fraud Discovered In Shock State – What’s Your Response?

The costs of Obamacare are staggering, and all of us on the hook to finance this state’s health care fraud.

A new report revealed that almost half of Oregon residents receiving Medicaid were ineligible for benefits because they make too much money — or were otherwise disqualified. (via The Oregonian)

The Oregon legislation estimated that about 32,000 Medicaid recipients were improperly obtaining benefits. However, this number has been updated to 37,000 after a review.

The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, under Obama, allowed Oregon to continue offering benefits despite the fact that they could not check qualifications.

Now, the state is working through a backlog of Medicaid applicants and are uncovering a troubling rate of fraud and abuse.

Upon verifying qualifications, the Oregon Health Authority has determined that about 45 percent of all Medicaid recipients were not eligible for benefits.

While troubling, the rate is expected to climb even higher as the qualifications of another 31,000 Medicaid recipients are evaluated.

Ultimately, taxpayers are on the hook for at least $191 million in benefits offered to people who should never have qualified for Medicaid.

On top of this, the Oregon legislator has been taking heat for investing hundreds of millions of dollars into failed information technology related to health-care. Ultimately, the federal government provides Oregon with about 75 percent of the money for their $7 billion annual Medicaid costs.

Perhaps the Oregon state legislature is happy to support massive welfare fraud because it is being funded by federal dollars. One Republican in the Oregon legislature is warning that the federal government might come collecting some of the federal dollars wasted on fraud.

“There is so much waste, it’s just unacceptable,” explained Republican Cedric Hayden, “I am a strong supporter of Medicaid and the Medicaid expansion. But at some point, the feds will come in and say, ‘Uhh uhh. We’re not going to do this anymore.'”

Obamacare is disastrous for many reasons, but the ease of abusing Obamacare is just another strike against the healthcare plan that continues to spiral out of control.

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