WATCH – Chris Matthews Has SICKENING Response to Death of ‘Romantic’ Fidel Castro

Did Chris Matthews just get another tingle up his leg? The Liberal MSNBC host just gave a ludicrous compliment to Communist dictator Fidel Castro that ALL the Cuban refugees who fled to America would surely abhor.

Chris Matthews described the murderous Communist dictator as a “romantic figure.” Sure, the Liberal talking head added the description applied to when Fidel Castro first took power, but then he also said, “we rooted like mad for the guy.”

Who is this “we” you’re talking about, Chris? Patriotic Americans could see the evil lurking behind the Communist’s smile from the get go!

Matthews also said Castro was “almost like a folk hero to most of us,” I bet the odds are pretty good ol’ Chris was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

The MSNBC host was not the only mainstream media puppet who praised Fidel Castro and his many “accomplishments.” CNN’s Christiane Amanpour was among the many who celebrated the Communist AFTER voicing concerns about Donald Trump hampering the free press.

Not having access to a free press was the least of the worries of the Cuban people. Being slaughtered for voicing opposition to bloody the Communist regime was most likely a first concern for the long oppressed Cuban people.

Liberals loved, and apparently still do love, Fidel Castro. His Socialist regime coincided nicely with their big government view for the world – at least on the surface.

Sure, he MAY have provided quality healthcare and a fine public education to the Cuban people, but at what cost? I am sure the Cubans who fought diligently for human rights did not receive wonderful medical care while locked away in a prison cell for daring to protest the elimination of their free speech and property ownership rights.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell praised the despot because he “gave his people better health care and education” and said he would “be revered” for “education and social services and medical care to all of his people.”

ABC Nightline reporter, Jim Avila, claims that even now, many decades after Fidel Castro has kept Cuba and her people on its knees, is the “George Washington of his country.” Liberal lunacy apparently knows no bounds.

The only kudos and praise deserved belongs to the Cuban people who survived a lifetime of torment and the hands of a vicious and cruel dictator. Hopefully Raul Castro will soon be gone from a position of power as well.

Pretty funny how Trump called Putin a good leader for HIS people and gets slammed. Yet liberal pundits actually applaud Castro while comparing him to our first President and it is business as usual.

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