WATCH: Media GUSH Over Deported Woman, ‘Forget’ 1 Shock Fact From Her Past

Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, the illegal immigrant who was deported after living illegally in our country for 21 years, has gotten a lot of media attention, but hasn’t been honest. 

The media are portraying this woman as a saint, but they are leaving out an important fact. She was convicted in 2008 of using a fake Social Security number in order to find employment.

Since then, Garcia de Rayos has made the required monthly visit to the U.S. Immigration and Enforcement Agency, and during her last visit she was told she was going to be deported. The mainstream media did, indeed, cover this story.

The picture they painted was one where the real victim was not the community burdened by of Garcia de Rayos’ fraudulent action, but Garcia de Rayos herself. No, Garcia de Rayos’ crime wasn’t a violent one, but she still committed a crime, and she should have been deported a long time ago.

The media covered the intense anger from the protesters who were against this decision to deport her. They covered how some were even so insane as to tie themselves to the vehicle transporting this criminal.

They quoted Garcia de Rayos when she said she came to this country illegally “out of love” and that her children are “trying to stay strong.” (via CNN)

If de Rayos had immigrated to our country legally, her family would not have been torn apart. If she had remained in Mexico to have her children, her family also would never have been torn apart. The truth is, the circumstances de Rayos is faced with are her own fault.

But, the media painted this woman as a victim of Donald Trump. The media seems to think that it is travesty of justice that this woman is being deported. Personal responsibility is not really their strong-suit. The way the media covered this story is the real travesty. By propagating the myth that Trump is in the wrong, they are LYING to us yet again.

Shame on the media for taking the story out of context and smearing a man who, just two years ago, had never held any type of public office before. Shame on them for promoting hatred against a man who only wants our country to serve OUR citizens first.

There is no question that Americans are overburdened by illegal immigrants, who are all criminals. But when the media portrays them as victims, well, they are just going too far.

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