BREAKING: Liberal Media Hiding What Happened After Melania Left Saudi Arabia

President Trump is currently going around the world visiting with various leaders with his wonderful wife, Melania. A lot has happened and progress has been made, particularly in Saudi Arabia.

Melania Trump is making waves due to her choice in fashion. The liberal media would have you believe that Melania is disrespectful because she didn’t wear a head scarf. They couldn’t be any more wrong. Daily Mail reports that Saudi newspapers are currently featuring pictures of Melania with the caption “classy and conservative.” BOOM!

The truth is, everyone LOVED her outfit and thought that she was quite beautiful, even without a scarf. She showed up wearing an incredible black Stella McCartney jumpsuit with a cinched belt. It looked similar to the traditional abaya worn by native women. It is SO funny that the Left is trying to blow this out of proportion.

There is no sense of dignity on the Left. They will do whatever they can to try to make President Trump, Melania, and anyone else who disagrees with them politically, look bad. It makes us sick to think that they can get away with lying and misleading people about EVERYTHING.

The natives of Saudi Arabia said that she looked beautiful AND was honoring their traditional customs in her own way. She was NOT being disrespectful. In fact, she showed more respect than Michelle Obama EVER did when she went there with former President Obama.

When Michelle visited, we heard from our media sources that she was a hero and SOOO respectful. It is blatant LYING, and it needs to stop. We have a political divide in this country because of the liberals. They are unwilling to accept the truth in any way, shape, or form.

If you, as a rational human being, were shown evidence that your idea or opinion was wrong, you would change it, right? That is how ordinary people are supposed to reason. Liberals are a new breed of dense, however.

The reason we are in this position with the liberal media is “group think.” The media tells people what to believe, and they follow it blindly. If the media says that everyone hated Melania’s outfit in Saudi Arabia, the Left will believe it — even if you put the magazine cover complimenting her in front of their faces.

We need to encourage people to open up their minds and see things for what they are. If people keep blindly following the media, we are going to be in big trouble over the next 10 to 20 years. Luckily, as each day passes, more people are waking up to the truth. We know for a fact that this is the case, because Trump is now our president.

The mainstream media refuses to report the actual news, and we’re tired of them. Do you agree? Let America know!

Soon we will be able to break the chains that media has on our culture and move on to a stronger and brighter United States with President Trump and the always beautiful Melania by his side.

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