EXPLOSIVE – Media Blame Trump Fans For ‘Fake News,’ But STUNNING Revelations Prove…

If we are to believe the liberal news media, there was a giant conspiracy by many different “fake news” sites in order to get Donald Trump elected.

NPR launched an investigation into these faux news sites, in which they found that the “godfather” of these fake news sites was not a conservative, but an avowed liberal from California, as per Breitbart.

The names of the sites were authentic-sounding like NationalReport.net, USAToday.com.co, and Washington Post.com.co. NPR’s Laura Sydell found that they were all hosted on a single server in Amazon Web Services. Thus, most of these sensationalist, fake news sites were owned by just one company.

Digging deeper, NPR was able to find an email address and they ultimately were able to link it to a name. They found Jestin Coler, who is the CEO of a company entitled Disinfomedia.

Coler is not only the CEO of a company devoted to extreme liberal causes, and he is proud of it. After agreeing to an interview with NPR, he said the purpose for the founding of his company was to “highlight the extremism of the white nationalist alt-right.”

Coler said his faux news sites served their purpose because “they fit into existing right-wing conspiracy theories.” Coler claimed that left-wingers were less gullible. Does the fact that Coler’s company is built completely on a lie bother him? Not at all.

You see, Coler himself will admit he has a financial incentive to keep going. He has built his empire and he worked tirelessly to try to get Hillary Clinton elected. He did this all through the guise of trying his level best to make the Republicans look bad.

The fact that liberals are now protesting, blocking the roads, and saying all kinds of hateful things about their new President only plays right into his hands. Even though his candidate lost, Coler’s company is alive and well.

Of course, like any other cynical liberal, Coler has other reasons why his company is likely to survive well into the future: “Really the financial part of it isn’t the only motivator for me. I do enjoy making a mess of the people that share the content that comes out of our site,” Coler said. “It’s not just the financial incentive for me. I still enjoy the game, I guess.”

And Coler is playing right out of the Democrat playbook. It is a book where protesters are actually being paid to do it, and it is also one where deception is key.

Doing dirty deeds and playing it off on Donald Trump? Just another day at the office for those like Coler who are on the far-left.

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