BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Just Got Disastrous News

Megyn Kelly is most well known for her delusional ideologies, leaving Fox News, and her spot on NBC’s popular morning spotlight, Today. It looks like she just got some bad news that has undoubtedly shocked her to the core.

NBC gave her Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, but after a mere eight episodes, her show got pulled from the air, according to Breitbart. Kelly was supposed to have two episodes of her show left, but it looks like they are not going to be coming this summer. “Sunday Night” was likely pulled due to the HORRIBLE ratings the show received.

Kelly couldn’t even beat the reruns of Dateline that have been out for YEARS. Last week, Kelly set an all time low with just 2.71 million viewers. It is obvious that people don’t want to watch her anymore.

NBC announced that the reason they pulled the show was so that they could “free up” Kelly to work on the morning show. Give us a break. Everyone KNOWS she was performing terribly.

The people who spin these stories love skewing the facts to meet their own agenda, and that is what NBC is trying to do. They don’t want to admit Kelly failed, so they are just “freeing her up.”

Kelly took to her Twitter page to announce that her Sunday show will be back next year. We doubt that Sunday Night will ever air again, new episodes or reruns.

Kelly could easily be lying about returning next year to appease her followers. It’s not as though she would weather any repercussions. Most of the people who follow her regularly have short attention spans, or forgive her every mistake. While they’re “hearting” the post that promises Kelly will be back next year, they won’t be outraged when she doesn’t show up.

There won’t be many people who are heartbroken over the loss of Kelly’s new show–we certainly won’t be sad about it. Since leaving Fox News, she has gone downhill in a hurry.

She managed to alienate herself from everyone except the hardcore liberals and the anti-Trump pundits who love the idea of living in an echo chamber. Who needs new ideas when everyone else just affirms your words without questioning you? Time will tell whether or not her show returns next year, but we wouldn’t bet on it.

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