POLL: Is Melania a Better First Lady Than Hillary EVER Was? Yes or No?

We almost feel ridiculous comparing elegant Melania to crooked Hillary, but we’re going to try. The American public has been wondering for months who’s truly the better first lady, and it’s time we put that argument to rest.

While Melania Trump is calling for the international community to rise against the violence that is happening towards women and children, encouraging peace and women empowerment, Hillary Clinton is calling for an uprising. (via InfoWars).

Melania Trump wears professional and beautiful outfits, is a caring mother and wife, and a strong woman who is a great example to women everywhere. She is a legal immigrant to America, a businesswoman and college graduate, and speaks several languages.

She comes from a country that was controlled by Communism, and grew up knowing the meaning of making every last cent count. Melania and her family made and worked for everything that they had, and she worked hard to have the successful life she does now. Melania Trump is an inspiration.

But Hillary Clinton? She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. People praise her as a symbol of women everywhere, but, in reality, she doesn’t care about women or the American people at all. While Hillary Clinton was the first lady, she attacked the women who claimed Bill Clinton sexually assaulted them.

Rather than be diplomatic and “empower women,” Hillary shames them, calling them unspeakable names and degrading them in front of the American people and the mainstream media — and we wonder why there is such a horrible stigma against women who claim to be abused? Because of women like Hillary!

Throughout her time as the first lady, Hillary Clinton lied through her teeth and protected her conniving husband. During her time as the Secretary of State, she continued to lie and make shady backroom deals while funneling money through the Clinton Foundation.

While running for president against Trump, she came up with every lie and scandal in the book, and shocked the world as her scandals and strange medical issues came out into the open. The American people learned very quickly that Hillary Clinton could not be trusted.

And now that she is once again on the losing side of a presidential election, she is trying to rebuild her “street cred” and making public appearances and speaking for women’s “equality”. Where was your compassion for the women who were allegedly abused by your husband? Now, all of a sudden, she cares minorities and the downtrodden, but her record is perfectly clear: Hillary only “cares” when it looks like she’ll gain political points. It has never been about values for her.

Hillary is wearing black leather coats and supporting a shorter haircut, no doubt thinking a more “butch” look will make her more popular. Most of her “women empowerment” speech was just ways to attack President Trump yet again and make the liberals angrier that she lost against him.

Melania Trump is a great example for women, and as much as the liberals claim it to be so, Hillary Clinton is not. Clinton is example of how black your heart can become when you are a corrupt politician, and an example of how to seamlessly lie without batting an eyelash. She’s a crook and a fraud, period.

The so-called “feminists” need to stop trying to criticize Melania Trump. She’s a strong, confident, beautiful woman who they are merely jealous of. She is the perfect example of what hard work will get you, a great and successful life. Melania Trump is hands-down one of the best First Ladies we have ever had, and is levels above Crooked Hillary. Who do you think is the better or the two? Melania or Hillary?

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