Melania Caught on Camera Doing Something That Hasn’t Been Seen in YEARS. Support?

Our first lady took her official FLOTUS portrait on Monday, showing something to the American people we haven’t seen in quite a while.

In the portrait, taken in the White House, Melania Trump is wearing a classy black jacket and scarf, crossing her arms and gazing into the camera. Melania is the picture of elegance, class, and strength, which hasn’t been seen in the White House for eight long years, via The Daily Caller.

Photo via Daily Caller

Photo via Daily Caller

Along with the portrait, Melania issued a statement: “I am honored to serve in the role of First Lady and look forward to working on behalf of the American people over the coming years.”

This is a breath of fresh air to the American people and a far cry from our former first lady, Michelle Obama, and her “great works” for this country. All she did was give our school systems strict “healthy food” guidelines that led to nothing but financial disaster.

However, Melania Trump, an accomplished businesswoman and mother, is going to work to help the American people in any way she can — not instilling poorly planned systems that do more harm than good like the Obamas did.

Melania always kept a low profile when Trump was an accomplished businessman and billionaire and continues to do so now that Trump is the president. She is currently staying in New York with her son, Barron, rather than moving right into the White House.

The liberals of the world have endlessly criticized this, claiming it has been costing a lot of taxpayer money for her and Barron to continue living there. This is rather ironic, considering the Obamas, the liberals’ golden family, spent millions on their vacations to Hawaii each year, completely ignoring the plights of the American people.

Melania Trump has stayed in New York for a reason, and she will be moving into the White House this summer. She stayed in that location to allow her son to remain in school in New York for the remainder of the year, which is what any good mother would do.

Moving a child to another school in the middle of the school year can be difficult — schools often have classes that go at different speeds, and this can severely hurt the child’s GPA and widen the learning curve. Allowing Barron to finish the school year and then move to another school makes the most sense.

Melania Trump has been in the limelight for quite a few years, but she does not crave it. She doesn’t have to be a celebrity in the White House or constantly in the news, which are extremely classy traits. The Obamas, on the other hand, always had to get themselves on front page news. Talk about tacky!

The Trump family is one in a million — they are successful but not conceded, rich but not greedy, and are modest despite much media attention. They are the perfect example of American values, and having Donald and Melania Trump in the White House can only be a recipe for great things to come for this nation. God Bless the Trumps!

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