Melania Drops Everything To Go To Children’s Hospital… Look What She Did Next

After years of Michelle Obama, Americans are relieved to finally have a classy, beautiful First Lady in the White House. Melania Trump showed off the depths of her grace on Friday.

Mrs. Trump traveled to Washington, D.C.’s Children’s National Medical Center in order to dedicate the building of a new rooftop garden. After visiting the center in March and helping its patients to plant morning glories, Mrs. Trump returned in order to help celebrate the new garden. (via Newsmax)

The Children’s National Medical Center is a leading pediatric hospital that treats all kinds of illness, from heart conditions to cancer. (via The Children’s National Medical Center)

In just over one hundred days, Mrs. Trump has displayed her fondness for America’s afflicted children. In March, Mrs. Trump read Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You Will Go to child patients at New York Presbyterian Hospital. (via The Washington Times)

Mrs. Trump’s kind, gentle approach to the office of the First Lady is in direct contrast to Michelle Obama’s.

During her time in the White House, Michelle Obama often made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. After her husband won the White House in 2008, Mrs. Obama, a lifelong far-left activist, put her foot in her mouth by telling a crowd that she finally felt “proud to be an American.” (via YouTube)

Mrs. Obama also helped to sink Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency by haughtily announcing that: “When they go low, we go high.” Millions of brain-dead liberals bought this cheap rhetoric without even considering Hillary’s long history of criminality, corruption, and abuse towards her husband’s rape victims.

Of course, in the media’s eyes, Michelle Obama was Mother Theresa AND Jackie Kennedy combined. The mainstream press lovingly documented every outfit that Mrs. Obama wore, and wrote gushing pieces about how well Mrs. Obama represented this country.

By contrast, journalists have savagely attacked Mrs. Trump. Most acid pens have called her “cheap,” and have mocked her accent (so much for loving immigrants, right?). The more vicious scribblers have even insinuated that Mrs. Trump was once a high-end prostitute. (via New York Post)

When it comes to Melania Trump, the American press reveals its true colors time and time again. Our media moguls and their henchmen are nothing but snot-nosed kids who gather in cliques to besmirch people they know are better and more successful than they are.

It is time to stop paying attention to the mainstream media.

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