Melania Gets Revenge On Michelle Obama At Easter Event, You’ll Love What She Did

Melania Trump understands American values and goals. We see examples of her patriotism every day, and we never get tired of it.

Patriots, do you remember during the Obama era, when Michelle Obama turned the Easter Egg Roll into some kind of fitness event? On Monday, Melania Trump decided to bring back the traditional Easter Egg Roll, where children actually have fun rather than attend a Michelle Obama-run gym class. (via Washington Post)

Finally, we are starting to see American traditions return. Our country was built on tradition. The Obamas tried to change our great traditions and turn them into some sort of media spectacle. The Obama-era media events cost the taxpayers millions of dollars, maybe even billions.

Once again, Melania Trump has shown us what it means to be an American. Melania Trump, an immigrant, understands American values better than Michelle Obama, a natural resident. That is irony at its finest!

We should be very grateful that Melania Trump continues to restore great American traditions. Do you remember when she began a speech with the Lord’s Prayer? (via Fox News)

When Melania Trump began her speech with the Lord’s Prayer, I could hear the soulless liberals groan in pain. We should be grateful we have actual Christians in office. Christians understand the values that laid the foundation for our great nation.

The mainstream media will try to spin this story as a disaster, but that shouldn’t surprise us. We know their tricks. They consider it a good sport to try and tarnish the image of the Trump family.

The mainstream media always tries to redirect the story back to Trump’s Russian connection or his tax returns. The Left needs to just move on and maybe even get jobs for a change.

We need to send Melania Trump our support. She needs to know that the American people are very satisfied with her accomplishments. The Obama nightmare is finally over, but he still has holdovers and other bureaucrats hiding within our great capitol. He is committed to undermining our current president.

How did we ever survive with the Obama family? He handed over billions of dollars to our enemies, and he divided our country more than any previous president. He tried to make our enemies our allies, but instead gave them a tactical advantage.

We cannot allow the Democrats and their establishment cronies to distract President Trump. We need the Trump family focused on preserving American values and making America great again. Thankfully we have Melania Trump to assist our president in doing what needs to be done.

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