BREAKING: Melania HUMILIATES Michelle With 1 Message For Her Army Pilots

Melania Trump is poised, graceful, and equally as patriotic. It’s clear that she loves America.

Michelle Obama didn’t expose her patriotic side very much. Melania, on the other hand, radiates patriotism in all that she does. Actions speak louder than words, and pictures are worth even more than that. Melania is meeting with military families and taking photographs with them. She sent a photo out with the message “Thank you to the @usarmy 1-214th Aviation Regiment for getting me & my staff to our mtgs safely today!” Great work, Melania! (via Newsweek)

Last Friday, the First Lady posted a picture standing alongside four brave army men. She has an immense respect for the men and women of our military. She certainly didn’t have to do this, but this extra effort is what makes Melania so special.

Melania wanted to show the country that she’s proud of our men and women in uniform. It’s clear that she’s taking her role as First Lady extremely seriously. As she accompanies her husband through his experiences as president, she wants to stand out, and show appreciation in her own way.

Melania’s goal is not to stand silently next to Donald Trump as he speaks to large crowds. She wants to make an impact on the world as well. Meeting with members of the military, and their families, is certainly a respectable way to begin her role as First Lady.

Mrs. Trump is traveling alongside her husband during his first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Sicily, Rome, and Brussels. She’s grateful to go to these countries as First Lady of the United States, because she knows she will aid in decision-making, and the implementation of long-lasting changes. (via Newsweek)

Michelle Obama was not a humble First Lady. She was smug, crass, and not very endearing. She reportedly made statements regarding America’s unhopeful future, and argued that the only solution to the country’s problems was electing another liberal to office.

She did not have the country’s best interest in mind. She was self-serving, and promoted her husband’s ideals, even when they were obviously dangerous. Like Mr. Obama himself, Michelle treated America like a land of privilege, and displayed no respect towards those who didn’t agree with her principles.

Michelle and Barack were a scary duo. They thrived off each other’s hate for the United States of America. It’s like the one thing they had most in common with each other was their love of bringing chaos and disorder to our streets.

Thankfully, these monsters are now part of this country’s past. We have better days ahead of us with Donald Trump in office. Every day, we get just a little bit more of our country back. Things are bad thanks to the Obamas, but they’re also getting better with time.

Melania and Donald Trump are eager to represent exactly who the people of America are. So much has already been done in such a short amount of time.

A conservative presidency is the antidote to Barack Obama’s mess. Great things are upon us as a nation, and we’re happy to have Melania Trump along for the ride.

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