Melania Reads the Lord’s Prayer – The Left’s Response to Her is EVIL

Prior to giving her own speech at the Florida rally yesterday, First Lady Melania Trump read the Lord’s Prayer, and it was much celebrated by the crowd.

Liberals, however, immediately went on the attack against the First Lady, viciously hammering her on social media

Yes, you read that correctly, they called her a whore.

And this was but one tweet that I found, as there were literally thousands of them posted within minutes of her appearance.

Facebook was just as bad, as I looked through several of the pages that tout the left as well as the pages of liberals I personally know only to see the same rhetoric being posted.

So let’s put this all into the proper perspective so the country can realize the full hypocrisy of liberals in this country. Melania Trump is a legal immigrant that is truly realizing the American dream by having a successful modeling career, her own brand, and now she is the First Lady.

Because she is nervous speaking in front of large crowds, she chose to use the aid of a teleprompter to say a prayer in a language other than her native tongue. Most likely, this was done so she, being nervous, would not lose her place and offend anyone.

Yet, liberals saw this as a weakness and called her a whore, among other things. Remember the outrage when someone called Michelle Obama a monkey in a dress? Where is the outrage now?

I have always been one to respect the opinion of others, but those days are coming to a close. Liberals are now so far left and looking for confrontation at every turn that I simply can no longer give them the benefit of the doubt or respect their opinion.

They are hypocrites, they are liars, and now they are acting like classless animals.

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