BOOM!! Melania Responds to Chris Matthew’s ‘Dirty’ Comment With THIS Perfect Reply

Sometimes the hypocrisy in the media is very evident, but after Chris Matthews said, “MY God, is that good. I could watch that runway show” Melania Trump had the perfect response:

“Unbelievable,” Melania said, per a record in “That’s what I’m saying! I’m not only a beauty, I’m smart. I have brains. I’m intelligent.”

Of course, with the grace and style of Jackie Kennedy, she also slyly added, “I would just say, Men will be men.” Future first lady Melania Trump 1, Chris Matthews 0.

The issues here isn’t just an errant comment by a dirty old man, unfortunately. Chris Matthews is illustrating a huge double standard here. He has been highly critical of Donald Trump for his alleged sexist policies and the perceived lack of respect he sees in Trump for women’s rights.

Of course, you and I KNOW BETTER. When a liberal such as Matthews talks about women’s rights, it is only code for abortion and other ultra-liberal policies. Trump has tons of respect for women’s rights because he is focusing on issues women care about as well, such as bringing jobs back from Mexico and keeping the world safe from terrorism.

America is truly at a crossroads. Do we want more liberal politicians and journalists who will say one thing and do another, or do we want someone who is actually going to try to make a difference for our country?

And not only will Donald make a difference for this country, his wife will also have a huge impact during his tenure. People seem to forget that it is often members of a world leader’s family circle that also advise them.

After Trump is elected, I think we will quickly learn just how incredibly talented Mrs. Trump really is!

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