Melania Sends Michelle Into FIT OF RAGE Over Announcement About First Family’s Vacations

Former first lady Michelle Obama must hate turning on the television only to see the near-universal praise for Melania Trump.

Unlike the previous First Family, the Trump family is committed to saving us money, and that is a welcoming change over the previous eight years. We already knew that President Trump was only going to take a one-dollar salary, but now we know that Melania plans on funding her own personal vacation. (via I Have The Truth)

Let me ask you something, fellow patriots. Why hasn’t it always been like this? Is it because we had eight years of a family dedicated to spending our hard-earned money on extravagant vacations and living a lifestyle that some could only dream of? Or has it always been like this and we are only just now noticing this?

The Obama family set a dangerous precedent with all of their lavish vacations, but they are not alone; we cannot forget that the swamp-dwellers love to spend our money, too. The president and his family are off to a good start, but we cannot forget that the swamp needs to be drained.

There is too much lavish spending, and we are all suffering because of it. Why should we be paying for their lifestyle? Every legislator and government official should be forced to pay Obamacare premiums.

There is only one way to make sure the swamp doesn’t flood: We need term limits!

With term limits, we can prevent the career politicians from infesting our capital. The only way to make sure the swamp stays drained is to make sure the water doesn’t accumulate again.

We need to hold these politicians accountable for abusing our tax dollars on their selfish, lavish lifestyles.

Donald Trump and his wife Melania are perfect for the job. With their leadership, we can start moving towards an accountable government and a limited government. With the Obamas out of office, we can finally expect hope and change.

Unlike the Obama era, we now have a First Family that actually cares about our tax dollars. Melania will show our country that if you want a lavish vacation, you need to earn it yourself, and you should not expect patriots to cover the bill.

Thank you, Mrs. Trump! Now we just need to drain the swamp.

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