Melania Quietly Spent Her Easter Vacation Doing THIS… Media Wants This Hidden

Do you remember when we had a first lady who spent more time vacationing than caring for our country? Those days are over.

During her recent Easter vacation, Melania Trump went to HomeSafe, a shelter for abused girls in Lake Worth, Florida. Mrs. Trump took time out of her vacation to support women suffering through the horrors of abuse. What a true patriot! 

It is such a relief to have this great woman as our first lady. Where was she been the past eight years? Eight years ago we had a first lady who would rather live the life of a celebrity than engage in acts of charity.

The mainstream media loves to hide stories like this, and that is truly unfortunate. It is stories like this that show us how a real first lady should act. Melania Trump is both classy and caring. What a rare mix for a politician’s spouse!

The Obama family must be embarrassed to see the wonderful things the Trump family does for local communities. Wasn’t Obama a community organizer? How is it that a former supermodel does more community outreach than a so-called “community organizer?”

Thankfully, we will have eight more years of this sort of behavior. A president and the president’s family is not supposed to live the life of a celebrity, like the Obama family. The Trump family understands that their job is to service the public, not spend time on a Hawaii beach sipping margaritas.

It only makes sense that the media would try to hide this sort of behavior, because it does not fit their narrative. We should send Mrs. Trump our support, so she knows we approve of her generous acts.

The mainstream media and the Democrats are so committed to obstruction that they cannot even speak Melania Trump’s name without being overcome with rage and hatred. The country just celebrated Easter, a holiday that should remind people that love TRUMPS hate, so the mainstream media should give Trump and his family a chance, rather than spewing their hate-filled rhetoric.

The Democrats are incapable of accepting defeat. Rather than work with our president, they would rather vote down party lines.

We cannot expect Democrats to do the right thing; that’s why they need to be replaced.

We need to share this article, so that our fellow patriots know the great things that Melania Trump does. She has set a new precedent for being the first lady of the United States. Thankfully, if we stay vigilant, we will have eight more years of Melania Trump.

Remember, Patriots: We can never get too comfortable. We need to be prepared to organize, so that we can protect conservative seats and expel the Democrats from the swamp!

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