Melania Trump Breaks Silence on Immigration, Says THIS to Tick Off Liberals

Trump promised us we would hear more from his beautiful wife, Melania Trump, and she did not take long to deliver. She recently appeared on “Morning Joe” and was quick to back up her husband on some of his platform issues.

Being an immigrant herself, it only seemed natural for MSNBC to question her on Donald’s immigration policy. She stated, “I followed the law. I never thought to stay here without papers. I had a visa, I traveled every few months back to the country to Slovenia to stamp the visa. I came back, I applied for the green card, I applied for the citizenship later on after many years of green card. So I went by system, I went by the law. And you should do that, you should not just say let me stay here and whatever happens, happens.”

Well, I guess that will shut some people up! Well said Mrs. Trump! Melania gets it. I don’t know any other way to describe it. She realizes a LOT of people have her husband in their sites and realizes they have no intention of backing down. She also knows things are not going to get easier for either of them moving forward…

In reality, while Liberals are trying to claim Trump is a racist and insulting immigrants, it is nothing but modern-day mudslinging. Yes, he wants to build a wall. Yes, he wants the illegals out of the country, but that is because of how much they are draining our economy and taking away jobs from citizens, not to mention the crime problems some of them are creating.

Trump wants them to come into the country legally, just like Melania did. This way, background checks are conducted and the flow of new citizens is controlled. Both measures protect America, not hurt it.

Personally, I am glad she is starting to speak out because I think once the public hears more from her, they are going to fall in love with her and help boost Trump’s ratings. She may be the secret weapon that allows Donald to call Pennsylvania Avenue home!

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