BREAKING: Melania Trump Gets Life-Changing News. Please Support Her During This Time.

First Lady Melania Trump has been under constant attack since her husband announced his bid for presidency. Fortunately, the law is on her side.

Melania Trump has won in a lawsuit against the publishers of the Daily Mail newspaper. During the presidential campaign, The Daily Mail accused Melania of “providing services beyond simply modeling.” (via ABC News)

In their shocking and fabricated article, The Daily Mail accused Melania of engaging in prostitution. It was a sick attempt to hurt Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The gossip rag will be forced to pay $2.9 million in damages for hurting the reputation of the first lady.

Hopefully, this lawsuit will send a clear message to the so-called news agencies that dedicate themselves to slandering Trump and his family at every turn. For journalists without a conscience, it is best to target their wallets.

Melania’s lawyers argued in court that the false allegations would hinder her ability to build meaningful connections with members of the business community.

Since her son, Barron Trump, has entered school, Melania has worked as the lead designer for her own fashion brand. The brand is based in part on her public image as a successful model and businesswoman.

The article written by The Daily Mail questions the success of Melania’s career, and essentially claims she needed to rely on prostitution to get ahead. Thankfully, that piece of filth has since been removed from the internet.

The article was written with the headline “Racy Photos and Troubling Questions About His Wife’s Past That Could Derail Trump.” This was a clear attempt to discredit the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Knowing the allegations were false, The Daily Mail still hoped it would “derail” the campaign.

However, and perhaps more insidious, the article was used to question the business acumen of Melania Trump. The Mail could not tolerate that a successful woman would want to marry Donald Trump, so they accused her of being bought and paid for.

The truth is that Melania and Donald Trump have a wonderful relationship. They are both very successful in their own lives, and reports say they have never even had one disagreement.

Melania is absolutely not a gold digger. She was wealthy before meeting Trump. This was just a shameful attempt to discredit the Trumps by liberals who claim to “love women” — unless the women are conservative, of course.

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