Melania Trump Gives Millions Back That Michelle Obama Selfishly Took – Conservatives Are Cheering

You often hear that actions speak louder than words. Now that Melania has spent some time as the First Lady she is showing her true colors, and Democrats are furious.

The liberals love to spend their time bad-talking the First Lady and President Trump, and sadly, they don’t ever report the facts. We recently discovered that Melania Trump is saving our country a stunning 5.1 million dollars a year through her actions alone. The American Bacon reports that an organization that tracks government spending called Open The Book compares the fact that Melania has FIVE aides compared to Michelle’s 24 aides in the White House. 

The major difference between the number of aides is shocking Americans. Obama had more than necessary and spent money unnecessarily while Melania is saving. Trump THAT, Left-side followers!

Melania came from a rough childhood in a communist-style nation and therefore didn’t have much. Now that things have changed for her, she seems to appreciate everything she has and wants to make sure that American taxpayers can afford their bills and luxuries of their own.

Seeing such a bold move coming from the first lady is breathtaking, especially considering how horrible Michelle was for our country. She trashed our school system — more kids were hungry in school under Michelle than any other administration in the past.

It is odd too because we remember that Obama’s goal was to help the hungry kids. Instead, she sucked up all of the extra funds and tried to feed kids sub-par “healthy” garbage.  We have been waiting for a first lady with this much class for a long time.

The news gets better too! President Trump is saving the country a staggering 22 MILLION dollars a year in his plan to “streamline” the White House payroll. In other words, all of the Obama’s friends are out of business.

Many Democrats have invited under-qualified politicians, and these people have drained our tax dollars. We have a feeling that if that money had been coming from their pocket, they would be singing a different tune.

If this trend continues and Melania saves around 5 million a year, she could save 40 million dollars if Trump gets elected again. We are just talking aides too, not the other ways that President Trump is decreasing the costs throughout the Oval Office.

One of the best bits of information to come out from this report, and perhaps one of the biggest slaps in the face to the Democrats, is the average salary.

Up until this point, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner are taking a salary of ZERO DOLLARS. Let that sink in. This is a historical moment, and the Left will not even acknowledge it. They only want what is best for them, not AMERICA!

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