WATCH – Melania Trump Has Enough, Defends Donald With 1 Epic Sentence!

Melania Trump rarely takes center stage on the campaign trail, but the loving wife wanted to warn the world what will always happen if they go after her husband.

“If somebody attacks him he will punch back ten times harder,” Melania Trump said about her Republican front runner husband.

The live studio crowd on the Sean Hannity show whistled and launched into a loud round of applause after hearing Melania defend the man they believe can lead the United States back to greatness.

“He can be presidential. But sometimes he cannot stand when somebody attacks him,” Mrs. Trump continued.

Every good wife will defend her husband, so Melania Trump’s succinct comment is not wholly unexpected.

The cheers from the crowd were in part for the loving wife, but also in honor of the strength which Trump embodies – and has won him millions of dedicated supporters.

“If somebody attacks him he will punch back ten times harder.”Tonight on “Hannity,” Melania Trump defended her husband…

Posted by Fox News on Monday, April 4, 2016

44 fulfilled his promise to fundamentally change America. He did so in spades – and most definitely not for the better.

The current Oval Office holder transformed a once great and proud nation into a weakling on the world stage. Donald Trump will not stand in the ring and take hits or duck away from the punches. He will stand tall and defend the nation and the disappearing principles it was founded upon.

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