READER POLL: Melania Trump Is a CLASS ACT. Agree?

Melania Trump delivers a level of grace and elegance to her designation as first Lady that has not been seen since Jackie O.

First Lady Melania Trump is a class act. She has achieved great success in her own life, and she will work tirelessly with her husband, President Trump, to make America great again.

The former model will offer untold benefits in aiding her husband on his journey as our president. Melania is particularly well suited for diplomatic endeavors as she is fluent in five languages. Her native language is Slovenian, but she also speaks English, Serbian, French, and German.

Melania also acts as a role model for people the world over and can likely be called the embodiment of the American dream, not only for Americans but also for immigrants.

Born in the poor, communist-controlled Yugoslavia (now Slovenia) to working class parents, Melania fully understands the greatness our country has to offer. She has lived under tyranny, and she worked her whole life to escape.

Since she was raised under communist rule, her family did not have many luxuries available to them. This encouraged Melania to experiment, and she created fashionable designs for clothing items, which her mother would make out of old cloths and fabrics.

This was the beginning of Melania’s passion for all things fashion and design, and she started her modeling career when she was just five years old, via Parenting. Her mother was a pattern maker for a clothing retailer, and they would escape the country to visit Paris and Milan, where Melania worked as a model, whenever possible.

Melania continued her modeling career throughout her youth but took a hiatus when she turned 18 to focus on her studies. She went to school for architecture and design and returned to modeling afterwards.

As an adult, Melania quickly proved her talents and became an international modeling sensation. She has been featured on the cover of numerous fashion and beauty magazines. Having achieved success in her field, Melania decided to fulfill her dreams and apply to become an American citizen.

Having escaped communism and achieved the American dream, Melania has dedicated her time to helping others achieve the same. She is using her role as first lady to promote women’s and children’s rights all over the world, demanding the end of needless suffering.

We accept all people in America as long as they respect our laws and immigrate legally. We are proud that Melania is the first foreign born first lady since John Quincy Adam’s wife, Louisa Adams.

Despite her humble origins, Melania has risen to become the most powerful woman in the free world, and she’s done it all with humility, grace, and a kindness that can be seen in the love and care she brings toward raising her son and empowering women all over the world. So, yes: Melania Trump is a class act like no other.

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