BOOM! Melania Trump Has Enough, Issues TERRIFYING Warning to Sharia Law Muslims

Radical Muslims of the world who follow Sharia Law to a “T” should be cowering in the face of one truly courageous and powerful woman.

Melania Trump presented awards at the 2017 International Women of Courage ceremony to honor 13 women who have shown great strength and perseverance in the face of horrid adversity. The Department of State holds this ceremony each year to celebrate heroic women who become community leaders around the world, despite persecution.

Most of the women being honored hail from African and Muslim-majority countries where they all suffered due to barbaric cultural practices. Standing up for women around the world, Melania warns, “The era of allowing brutality against women and children is over,” via Breitbart.

Melania also used her speech to remind us all of our moral responsibilities to reach our highest potential while improving the world around us.

The horrible treatment suffered by the women honored at the event should remind us all what our country offers and the greatness its citizens have the chance to achieve. We live in the freest country in this world, free from barbaric institutions that are present the world over.

In America, there are no structural or legal barriers against women, and discrimination is illegal. All of us are free to pursue a life for ourselves as we see fit. Even so, this does not prevent misguided feminists in America from pretending they are the victims of persecution.

All feminists should watch this awards ceremony to understand how blessed they are. Liberal feminists frequently protest over “man-spreading” or “man-splaining” while ignoring the horrors of child slavery and acid-attacks that are becoming all too common abroad.

American feminists should learn from Melania. Millions of women around the world are suffering due to Sharia Law and other primitive cultural practices. However, feminists at home refuse to acknowledge these plights since it diminishes their perceived persecution.

Western feminists clearly do not care about women — they only care about obtaining power for themselves while demonizing masculinity. If they truly cared about women, they would be praising Melania for bringing attention to strong women like these:

Sharmin Akter, a young Bangledeshi girl who resisted her family’s effort to force her to wed a man much older than she. At just 15, she refused her family and continued to attend school. She hopes to finish her education and become a lawyer to help save other young girls from forced marriages.

Or Major Aichatou Ousmane Issaka, the first female in Niger to successfully enlist in the military. She has risen in the ranks to become the director of social work at a military hospital. It is her duty to help protect her people from the spread of Boko Haram and other terrorist organizations while promoting woman peacekeepers.

Melania Trump proves herself to be an ideal role model for young girls everywhere. She is a legal immigrant who was incredibly successful in her own business life before she settled down to have children. Now, she is using her achieved success to help women who are truly suffering around the globe.

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