Melania Trump’s Clothing Designer Has 3-Word Response For Haters, I Couldn’t Agree More!

Ever since President Trump first entered his bid in the presidential race, both he and his family have been scrutinized left, right, and center unfairly.

Now, the person who designs First Lady Melania Trump’s clothing has delivered an epic response to all of these haters. Italian designer Stefano Gabbana is happy that Melania wears his clothes, saying to all of her haters: “I don’t care,” via The Wrap.

It is great to see that this legendary designer is not letting politics get in the way of his art. He does not mind either way what political beliefs Melania may have or who she is married to — he respects her as a great woman.

This is in stark contrast to many other designers who surely would have, and did, kick up a fuss over the women of the Trump family.

For example, Nordstorm blacklisted Ivanka Trump’s clothing and shoe line from their website and store due to who her father is and his political leanings. This was, of course, completely unfair, as someone’s political standing does not affect the quality of clothes their daughter produces. It’s ludicrous.

Conservatives on the right have always acted fairly toward the family members of their political opposites, and they do not discriminate someone’s products or brand because of their political leanings.

While we do not agree with liberals, we know every American has the right to support whatever cause they want and believe whatever they choose.

While Gabbana posted these words on Instagram, it was inevitable that he would get some hateful comments, one of which he replied to by saying, “Go to hell.”

Clothing designers like Zac Posen, Christian Siriano, and Tom Ford all refused to dress Melania in the past because of her marriage to Donald Trump. Melania is actually one of the most fashionable first ladies we have ever had, coming from a modelling and design background, and any designer should be humbled to have someone of her stature wearing their clothes.

Melania Trump is extremely humble herself, and she never caused any controversy before her marriage or after. She’s a businesswoman and a loving mother who raised a perfect gentleman in the form of ten-year-old Barron Trump.

People need to back off and allow Melania to dress however she wants as she looks amazing no matter what she wears.

It is great to see legendary designers like Stefano Gabbana standing up for what is right no matter the potential backlash.

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